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5.7〞color LCD displays waveform of the parameters and the monitoring status. The data can be

stored and replayed.

High-life thermal linear array thermal printer with MTBF more than 20 years can be used to print the

real-time monitoring data or storing data.

DSP technology can realize the real-time FHR correlative operation and mode identification.

Transducer with high sensitivity and low ultrasound dosage can ensure FHR accurate and


1MHz transducer with pulsed mode.

The unit interface is very friendly, intuitionistic and easy to operate.

Double event markers --- one standard for pregnant woman and one clinical for doctor.

PUSH-KNOB encoder operation with on-line help system.

Different alarm functions such as alarm for abnormal FHR, disconnection of transducer when

monitoring, low power of battery, no closed well for printer door or no paper and etc.

Transmit the date to computer through the RS-232 and USB port.

Print speed, thickness of waveform, excursion of the curve on LCD and paper, alarm range, data

and time can be adjusted easily.



Transducer:Multi-crystal, wide beam, Pulsed Doppler mode with high sensitivity


Working frequency:1.0 MHz

Signal process:special DSP system

Measurement range:50~240 bpm

Alarm Range

Hi-limit:55~240 bpm

Low-limit:50~235 bpm

Printing Sensitivity:27 bpm / cm

Audio output power:5 Watt


Measurement range:0~100 units

Printing Sensitivity:40 unit / cm


The LCD displays the waveform of US and UC, FM marker, clinical event marker, time, volume, and can freeze or replay.

Display speed error:≤±10 %

Power consumption:<30W




Probe: 9 crystals, wide wave beam

Working mode: Pulsed Doppler

Ultrasonic frequency: 1.0MHz±10%

Ultrasonic average intensity: <10mW/cm2

Signal processing: signal processing units for special digital signal

FHR range: 50--235bpm

Alarm range

Hi-limit: 55-235bpm Low-limit: 50-230bpm

Printing resolution: 27bpm/cm

The highest frequency output: ≤5W

Overall sensitivity:≥90dB


Display range: 0--100units ((nonlinear error: ≤±10%)

Printing resolution: 40units/cm

Display: display monitoring status for US and TOCO curve, fetal movement mark, doctor mark, time, volume, and freeze the current monitoring status

Battery: NI-MH 16.8V/1800mA rechargeable batteries group

Time of continue working in static condition: ≥2 hours

Power supply: AC 100 V~ 240 V 1A 50Hz /60Hz±1 Hz

The unit DC 24 V 1.5 A

Power consumption:<30W

Working Temperature: +5℃ ~ +40℃ Humidity: <80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa

Working environment

temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃


atmospheric pressure:86kPa ~106kPa

Transport and storage environment:

temperature:-10℃ ~ +55℃


atmospheric pressure:86kPa ~ 106kPa

It must be stored in non-corrosive atmosphere and well-ventilated room.

power supply:


Model:ADP-U35S24 Made in Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.Ltd

AC 100 V~ 240 V 1A 50Hz /60Hz±1 Hz

The unit DC 24 V 1.5 A



Model :GRPH-AA


The unit fuse model T2AL250V

The adapter fuse model:T3.5AL/250V


The product approved by CE, Free sale certification. If you need copy of the files, please contact our sales.


Single Unit Suitcase Package Dimension: 55cm x 26cm x 36cm Gross weight: 10.5kgs

Single Unit Paper carton Package Dimension: 55cm x 26cm x 36cm Gross weight: 8kgs

Normal collocation: 1 x 1.0MHz probe, TOCO probe, remote Marker, switch power, cable, 250ml gel, operation manual, warranty card, approval certification, 2 pcs printing paper.

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